Tim Ingram-Smith is leading a round of the London Spiral Walk. He is interested (amongst other things) in the knowledge of place that comes from walking.

The London Spiral Walk starts at Kings Cross Station  and proceeds to Gravesend, currently the last crossing of the Thames.

Start from Kings Cross, Stage 1 to Camden

The spiral is divided into stages, each stage is an afternoon’s walk and an interesting section of London, not following the usual arterial roads. The whole spiral is approximately 260 miles.

The growth of the spiral is determined by the downstream crossing points of the Thames …read more.

red & orange – stages done
blue & purple – to come

The walks take place on the second Sunday of each month. They start and finish near a tube or train station, and, being London, there are plenty of places to escape or stop or investigate further. So far we’ve done 24 out of 36 stages – two thirds of the way!

email: tim.ingram-smith@virgin.net phone: 077932 00932



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  1. Dave M August 12, 2017 / 5:42 pm

    Just for the record, Gipsy Hill is spelt with an i not a y.


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