Stage 6 – South London: Stockwell to Southwark Park

We took a walk on Sunday 14th of February 2016 through South London’s streets from Stockwell tube in Lambeth to Southwark Park in the borough of Southwark. Passing through some not-often-walked places in Battersea and Camberwell, we encountered many experiments with social housing that continue up to the present day.

In South London the train lines are all elevated because the ground below was marshy. It’s all drained now. Burgess Park (more than Southwark Park) gives you some idea of what the land must’ve been like before it was built on: open, grassy, blowy, flat. The park has benefitted from landscaping and intervention over recent years, making it not so stark, and adding interest. Burgess Park

Southwark Park is a more traditional place:

feeding the terns - southwark park

There’re 2 art galleries in Southwark Park – this snap from the main park gallery:

city on a hill - southwark park gallery


Stockwell tube is on the Victoria Line. Allow half an hour or so to get there from elsewhere in central London.

Strictly this stage of the walk should begin where the last left off, at Battersea Park. But the route from the park gates east is tricky to navigate and can be alarming for the solitary walker – a mix of railway embankments, light industrial units, razor wired properties and islanded council blocks. For anyone willing to try, take the Nine Elms Road past the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, over the railway, and cross away from the Battersea Power Station, now being rebuilt chimney by chimney – which struck me a strange – to preserve the historic chimneys, they are removing them completely and rebuilding them entirely – for what purpose?
Cross the road there and follow Thessaly Road at the unkept back of New Covent Garden Market, down under another railway, alongside a walled warehouse, through Deeley Road Estate, left on Wandsworth Road, and right on to Lansdowne Road. Past the undulating bus garage, and you’re almost by, just a little bit up from Stockwell tube.

The next excursion will be from Canada Water in Rotherhithe, over the Thames, to Canada Square. If you’re interested to take part, let me know



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