Stage 12 – riverside again, Hammersmith to Wandsworth

The Spiral’s path is determined by the crossing points of the Thames. Previously the ferry from Rotherhithe to Canary Wharf which took us in a curve north then west and south again in a smooth line to Hammersmith Bridge, where we cross again, borrowing the curve of the Thames Path to sling-shot us along the spiral towards the next crossing to come, at the Millennium Dome.

hammersmith bridge from south side of the thames

If you like walking, and London, this walk on Sunday 14 August 2016 was for you. Meet just before 1pm outside Hammersmith tube at the start of King Street, beneath the 2 trees outside the Swan pub (map).

Click to see wider map of spiral

Click for route

st pauls hammersmith tree and church

St Paul’s church and great oak.

advertising structure purely for motorists

Roadside structures created and installed purely to show advertisements to drivers on the flyover.

hammersmith flyover strengthenings

Strengthening cables under the flyover at Hammersmith.

hammersmith GP surgery

Modernist curves of the GP surgery at Hammersmith. If this was my doctor’s I might actually go.

hammersmith bridge iron work.jpg

The workmanship in the iron bridge is remarkable. No doubt each shield represents something. No minimalism when this was made.

harrods furniture depository now flats

The river bank trees alongside Barnes hides the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, as well as Barnes Common playing fields – both essentially flood plains, though you can’t see them from the river path itself due to the dyke and undergrowth.

Two smaller rivers cross under the path – Beverley Brook, which has a slightly polluted reek about it, though I’m sure it’s a lot cleaner than it used to be, and The Wandle, from which Wandsworth takes its name.

boathouse putney

Barn Elms Boathouse

putney bridge

Putney bridge

Putney riverside is exceedingly pleasant for both visitor and resident.

saturday market at st marks putney

St Mary’s church yard Saturday market.

blake passage connects putney to wandsworth

Blake Mews takes you from Putney into Wandsworth Park.

crazy golf wandsworth park

Crazy golf at Wandsworth Park.

Carry on to St Ann’s Hill.

st annes church st anns hill

Through St Anne’s Church on St Ann’s Hill.

HM wandsworth prison

We saw Wormwood Scrubs last time, this time it’s Wandsworth prison, which happens to be on the BBC. Recently (2017) it lost it’s reform status.

hope pub wandsworth common

On a blue summer’s day, move across Wandsworth Common, past the ponds, and finish with a cold one at the Hope bar.

Interested to walk the London Spiral? Join here



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