Stage 9 – Stratford Olympic Park up the River Lee, or Lea

Lee or Lea, who knows.

This river which rises somewhere near Luton and flows round the north east corner of London and down to the Thames was for many years much neglected. But recently, with the development of this part of East London for the Olympics, the area has been given some attention and hard work, and is becoming as pleasant as it perhaps has ever been since the settlement of humankind in London, and a foretaste of what all polluted and poorly treated landscapes could be in the future of our planet.

Beyond Queen Elizabeth Park the immediate marsh land cannot easily be built on, and now should not be, as it provides a green corridor from the main river Thames all the way to Cheshunt in the north, as well as a flood plain (article) for our changing climate. The extent of this corridor means we will intersect the Lea 3 times on our spiral, each time further out (see overview map).

There are lots of walking routes. The one we will follow is through the Olympic Park and north to Tottenham Hale.

lee valley1

Met just outside Stratford Station, well served by the Jubilee line, Central line, and Overground line, at 1 pm on Sunday May 8th 2016.

Aquatic Centre Olympic Park

tree trunk park Olympic Park

fountains by Kapoor's Orbit Olympic Park

 pathway Olympic Park

tree halo Olympic Park

  Fountain fun for dogs and kids


Studio on river lea

painted shadows on building river lea

Walking distance 5 miles approx. Duration 2.5 hours. Mapgranite circle made from old pieces of pump house water cleaner river lea

 hot tamale barge river lea

iron tree river lea  

babe in barge

If you drink London water you should come and see what you’re drinking.



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