Starting up

The idea is simple, to walk the 25 miles from the heart of London to Gravesend further down the Thames following a route that spirals round London in 6 or so loops until we reach our destination, around 300 miles (480 km) of walking later.

Not 300 miles all at once of course, we’re talking about sections of 6-8 maybe 10 miles at a time, maybe once a month, so in total the venture will take us quite a few afternoons and will take in the seasons as well as the city.

Even arranging the walk will take a long time, as we’re planning to invite people to join us, especially artists and people who know something about a particular stretch, who can stretch our minds, and explore the geography of the place through other means; participants like that need to be invited well in advance, so they can plan what they’re going to do or say on their particular walk. We see the whole thing as an art piece, a piece of public art, a curation of the city, a venture into a new space, a way of looking afresh at this hard-to-know city, a way of getting to know it better.

Interested in joining in? Send me your email address and I’ll keep you posted on each stretch as it comes up.


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