Stage 14: through Greenwich – Honor Oak to Millennium Peninsula

This walk starts with the view of the City framed through the trees on One Tree Hill, then proceeds to the spectacular vista across Canary Wharf from Greenwich Observatory.

We began where we left off last time at Honor Oak and headed north through town houses onto Blackheath, then in to Greenwich Park. This is 0 degrees longitude and you can easily imagine seeing the whole universe from the Observatory. It’s going to be hard to trump the scenery on any future stage of the spiral walk round London from Kings Cross to Gravesend.


Cricket on Hilly Fields
Brockley line
Brockley Library in a phone box
View from Greenwich Observatory, with the City of London to the left (west), and Canary Wharf straight ahead
Here’s what it looked like a few hundred years ago:
Picture is a camera-phone photo of a print at Eltham Palace.
Queen’s House Greenwich

The Millennium Peninsula is a strange place for a walker. There’s plenty of space and pathways. But you’re right by the entrance to the Dartford Tunnel, and traffic backing up from all roads around in a slow moving crawl. Cross the tunnel road then cross another dual carriage way – empty this time – and another one. So many roads to the Dome.




Antony Gormley’s Quantum man, with cable cars beyond
But that’s only one highlight of this navigation of the spiral – we take an aviation experience across the Thames at North Greenwich
I’d recommend this – all the more as it is quiet when it should be busy, and for that reason, I can’t see that it will be long open to the public. Its costs must outrun its income. So if you haven’t already been, take the opportunity while you can. The view is fantastic, and from a Spiral perspective, you can just about see the previous crossing of the Thames, just behind Canary Wharf to the west, and you can see the next crossing of the Thames: the Woolwich Ferry.

Meeting place: Honor Oak Park railway station, map:

Date & time: Sunday October 9th 2016, 1pm

Distance: the walk is around 6 miles

End point: Emirates Cable Car by the Millennium Dome
Return home from: Royal Victoria DLR station

Payment: the cable car costs £4. Bring your Oyster card


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